Are you like most mothers, who have fallen victim to the widely accepted
notion that motherhood means you must be entirely selfless and self-sacrificing at all times?

Do you constantly feel you must prioritize the
needs of your children above your own?

Do you find yourself continually disconnected, pressured,
upset and pissed off with those you are supposed to love the most?

Feel light-hearted and joyful while living this life you have created.

Redesign How You Approach Motherhood.

Thrive and Shine

I know how much you love your family and want to make things work!

You want to have energy and feel enthusiastic when it comes to your kids and your partner.

You want to feel connected with the flowing and feel free, and become a lighter version of yourself you once knew.

In 2014, I was drowning in my parenting!

Always get upset at my boys, and feel guilty for not always being emotionally present with my children.

I desired to build a thriving home and raise my children without fear and worry!

I wanted to get rid of exhaustion and burnout and enjoy motherhood.

I kept feeling lost and drowning until I decided to make the choice!

The choice to go on the journey of reclaiming and building myself up and showing up as a different mother

Now I Help Mothers Go From Surviving To Thriving By
Reconnecting With Themselves And Their Children Without Feeling Guilty.

Join this journey where you rediscover yourself and work towards self-regulation, so you can put down the anger, rebuild connection with yourself and your loved ones, and restore your inner joy.

This is a brilliant, supportive and comprehensive self-paced program for you if you:

✅ Are desperate to revive your purpose,

✅ Want to reconnect with your authentic self,

Want to release your anger and overwhelm.

Fully open your heart to your loved ones, and be confident in your parenting role.

Let Go Of The Guilt That Stands In The Way Of
Becoming The Mother You Want To Be And Achieving Your Goals

✅ Feel happy and be proud with the person and mum you are

✅ Stop being triggered by the tantrums

✅ No more wanting to scream and smack at your children


Who is Khadija AL-Kaddour

Khadija is The Awaken and Thrive Motherhood Expert empowers and supports Muslimah mothers who are seeking to evolve into confident, authentic women empowered to parent from a place of worthiness, less frustrated and stressed out. Khadija is a degree-qualified Parenting Educator, Motivational Speaker, certified in NLP, Back to the Fitrah Mentor of the  “Inside Out Psychology” paradigm, Mother of five boys, and the founder of Muslimah Motherhood Circle workshops since 2014.

Her success formula centres on reclaiming one’s resilient inner emotionally healthy self, creating a thriving home for raising our children. This allows Muslim Mothers to discover the strategies and knowledge to raise emotionally connected, responsible, resilient, compassionate Muslim boys.

Khadija has taken women on this journey and the shifts have made them more confident, reclaiming their worth, and living to their true self, striving instead of surviving! Khadija is passionate about your growth-are you? You are worthy of love and belonging and living your true life! She is dedicated to your healing, growth, learning and supporting you myself to become the mother, woman, believer you need to be for yourself. Validate you first! Invest in you first.