Signature Group program

Raising resilient boys to Responsible Men

Are you a Muslim Mother of a boy who

  • Is struggling to raise her boys and find them difficult to handle. (  I have four boys!!! I understand the struggle is REAL)
  • Wants to learn and create effective healthy boundaries to stop tantrums, whining, impulsive behavior, conflicts and angry outburst.

  • Create transforming, positive, changes in how we mother and raise our boys of all ages.

  • Sick of the parenting struggles “I have had enough” from frustration, overwhelm, confusion and emotion breakdowns. “Why can’t they just listen to me?” “Why is he angry?” “He won’t open up.’

It’s time to understand and create a deeper awareness in how we raise our boys, experience a compassionate approach to support parenting boys to become responsible, compassionate, connected, resilient Men.

Do you want to Raise Responsible Men?

You’re in the right place!

A 12-week program of 10 powerful online pre-recorded self-paced format modules that makes you empower your boys to become emotionally healthy, compassionate, connected to Allahswt, resilient role model men. With access to video recordings for one (1) year after purchase.

Complete a simple to follow, powerful PDF workbook with each module to help you understand and keep on track with what you learn along the way!

After each deep, inspiring pre recorded session, insights that will allow a mother to walk away reflecting and transforming their mindset around their parenting.

Unlimited Email support. A private inner circle group Facebook page full of resources, lives and answer to your questions (limited to only coaching mothers that have paid) and email support of your questions at any time!

BONUS-Raising Children in a Digital World bundle -Setting limits around technology and age-appropriate recommendations


In this course, you will…

  • Identify and address the things that stand in the way of becoming the Mother you want to be (no added guilt here!)
  • “I hate school!” Learn the skills to empower your son’s emotional and mental well-being especially in the school environment where disengagement is high.
  • Learn specific strategies and effective ways to address, manage and calm those challenging behaviours like children’s screaming, rudeness, not listening and hurting others.
  • The power of connection and teaching our children effective communication and empathic listening from a place of worthiness, while exploring shame, guilt and self-control
  • Nurturing Iman faith in yourself and your sons to build confidence and positive relationship in Allahswt.

  • The damaging mindset, negative beliefs and internal dialogue you must avoid to remain calm and in charge and enable your son with healthy self-esteem and self-worth.
  • The effects of outdoors, play and technology on a boy’s brain and emotions and use these effectively to bring about a mindset change.
  • Discipline techniques that encourage clarity and are evidence-based parenting strategies to improve parenting skills, confidence and child behaviour. This means that the strategies in the program have been tested and found to work.
In sha Allah over the next 12 weeks, you are
going to discover the joy of parenting again with your sons!
And you can start NOW!

All class build and empower your parenting to affect positive change with purposeful, easy, calm strategies creating optimal upbringing of children with values embodied in Islam and child psychology.

About the Muslimah Motherhood Circle- a  FREE private Facebook group for additional support, strategies, encouragement, and accountability. Come join my private Muslimah motherhood Circle  This group is about empowering our Muslimah Motherhood so we can feel less overwhelmed with struggles and live a more authentic life empowered to parent with knowledge, guidance, and purposeful intent to raise the next generation of responsible, resilient, compassion men and empowered, confident, strong self-esteem woman inshaAllah Ameen♡

Raising resilient boys to Responsible Muslim Men

Ten online self-paced modules as a digital recording with reflection growth ebook with each module


Valued at $499, the limited 2023 investment is   $499 AUs
This course will build a crystal clear vision of how you want to show up with your family and learn the knowledge you need to get there.

The nuts and bolts:

  • 10 powerful self-paced modules with insights,  teaching, learning, and growth.
  • A private group on Facebook with Access to my Facebook inner secret group with like-minded mothers of boys and bonus material and lives.
  • Self-paced but encourage 12-week commitment access for one year from investment.

Valued at $799, the limited 2023 investment is   $499 AUS

Enroll in course for $499 AUs

A true blessing, a source of growth and knowledge. Loved every minute of learning with Khadijah, it is the raw uncensored moments of life when we need that support of a village to expand and get through…Alhumdulillah this is the place to do that.
Jazak’Allah Khair

Amy, Mother of three, USA.

Salamu alaikum sister Khadijah. I just want to say jazakillahu khairan for the course. Masha Allah it is packed full of information and inspiration and definitely worth it for me. I started out in a very confused place . I know I don’t want to use violence and force with my kids , but then I would be stuck about what to do instead. I found the course to be the perfect answer to this question. It is taking me some time to process and implement the information as there is so much, but my biggest takeaway so far is in being able to control my own response so that I don’t just react. I can pause and wait for the negative feelings to calm down so that I can think rationally about the situation. I dream of becoming a mom with the mercy, tolerance, and patience of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I feel like I can do it with this course. And there is so much content that I feel like I would keep learning the more I review it. To me Khadija is the perfect instructor for this course as you combine modern science with personal experience, and most importantly the Islamic filter. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their parenting to new levels

Sadica Elkadri, Mother of four boys, USA

I was at a point in my motherhood journey where I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and alone and then I heard about Khadija. Her words resonated so well with me and spoke directly to my heart – it made me realize that I’m not alone in wanting to break the intergenerational trauma and that it IS possible to be that mother I want to be. I came out of her workshops inspired and determined to raise well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, contented boys. What I love most about her workshops/programs is that she combines current contemporary Child Psychology and Development theories from an Islamic perspective. I have been searching for a parenting workshop such as these for the longest time and the knowledge and skills I took with me has been SO valuable. Thank you so much Khadija for your positive impact, I love you for Allah’s sake and I hope you continue being the amazing Muslim motherhood coach that you are!

Alia Burh, mother of two boys, Perth Aus.

I highly recommend Khadija’s parenting course. It gave me a boost of confidence in my life at a time where I felt like I didn’t have the tools to handle and understand my children. Sure, we had the perfect routine and upbringing when they were little, but it’s a totally different thing when they are 7, 8, 9 … it can get overwhelming. The course is very thorough and covers a lot of topics and content in just 6 short weeks. I feel like I would have needed double that. But I will be going through the audios and workbook again. Khadija is very understanding. Lots of kids? She’s been there. Married and working mama? Been there. Divorced? Single mum? She’s been there. Stepmum and blended family? She’s been there. No family around for support? She’s been there. She gets it. Khadija is not only passionate about her work but she is also a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. I am very grateful I was able to be part of the course. Jazak allahu khairan Khadija.”

Sandy Souville, Mother of two girls, and two boys, Melbourne, Aus.