About the Awaken and Thrive Motherhood Expert.

Who is the Awaken and Thrive Motherhood Expert?

Khadija AL-Kaddour is the Awaken and Thrive Motherhood Expert and is dedicated to supporting busy Muslim Mothers (like you!) who are seeking to live a more authentic life empowered to parent with knowledge, guidance, and purposeful intent and raise responsible, resilient, compassionate boys. Empowering Motherhood creating optimal upbringing with values embodied in Islam and child development.

Khadija AL-Kaddour is a dedicated mother of four beautiful, strong-willed boys aged four to eighteen years. As a qualified and experienced Parenting Coach, Educator, and Motivational Speaker for over fifteen years, she has worked with families, mothers, and children in various self-development workshops and programs.

From a young age, her vision was to see Muslim children grow up in emotionally healthy, happy, holistic, intact homes free from abuse and violence. That this generation becomes authentic, balanced adults that have the skills to live extraordinary lives if they choose to.

Her experience is many beautiful mothers are disconnected from their heart, soul, body, and children in the age of rush and busy. Khadija has done many years of inner reflection, worked on her heart and soul resulting in her being free from her inner mean girl chatter, living her life with passion, hope, and fearlessly achieving her heart goals, with trust in Allahswt in the pursuit of Allahswt pleasure.

Her passion is to Empower Muslimah Mothers without constant struggles, conflicts, pains, and angry emotional outbursts to mother with clarity, compassion, purpose and grow authentic connections within the family.

Khadija’s qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science majoring in Children and Family Studies from Edith Cowan University and a Diploma in Children services as an Educator has empowered her knowledge of child development and psychology.

Additionally she:

  • Certified in NLP Master Your Communication Skills and Emotional mastery from Life Matters.
  • Practitioner of the “Inside Out Psychology” paradigm Certified Back to the Fitra Mentor.
  • Educator & Expert in Motherhood Coaching.
  •  Facilitates ‘Peaceful Pathways’ school-based workshops from the Alternatives to Violence Program. 

In 2014, her passion leads her to found the ‘Muslimah Motherhood Circle’ – face-to-face workshops and self-development programs for mothers, expectant mothers, and female caregivers in Perth, Australia.

In 2017 she commenced Motherhood Coaching and online programs by using her skills in child development, child psychology, positive, peaceful parenting and the Islamic faith to create authentic, purposeful online programs to support and empower motherhood. Creating the strategies, nurturing skills, inner dialogue, and positive emotional response to parent in the world we face today.

Khadija AL-Kaddour is a seventh-generation Australian. She is a daughter of an Australian convert and Lebanese father migrant and has experienced being a stepmother, a divorced woman, a single mother, in a second marriage and mixed, blended family. She is married to her Pakistani husband, Irshad Ahmed Khan in a blended family.

Khadija’s goal and passion are to empower Muslim mothers to raise their boys into compassionate, resilient role models who are connected to Allah swt. She endeavors to create a powerful revolution in raise emotionally-connected Muslim boys using the purposeful strategies, nurturing skills, inner dialogue and positive emotional response to parent in the world we face today. Her valuable expertise in child psychology, child development and positive parenting merged with the Islamic faith is a success formula that creates authentic, purposeful online programs, one-on-one coaching, and a Facebook private group to support and empower Muslimah motherhood around the world.

Khadija gentle insightful approach based on life experience and qualification  empowers Muslimah mothers to be the best version of themselves, less frustrated and stress out, by discovering the strategies to be more connected to their children, in particular boys, parent with guidance and purposeful intent and create an emotionally healthy home and self.

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