Empowering Motherhood creating Compassionate, Connected, Calmer, Purposeful upbringing of our boys

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Are you a Muslim Mother  who:

  • Is really good at staying in mother anxiety and guilt?  You want better for yourself in your reaction to your children and be able to embrace any issue that comes your way.

  • Often feels overwhelmed and want to effectively manage your children so that stress and negative emotions are not overtaking in your parenting journey.

  • You want to Empower your child’s self-worth, self-esteem, and self-resilience to have a high chance of coming out as a strong, emotionally healthy adults.
  • You’re a mother that wants to develop a stronger connection to Allahswt as well as learn better attachment and connection with your child in a stressful, fast-paced world we live in.
  • Create healthy boundaries to stop tantrums, whining, impulsive behaviour, conflicts and angry outburst.
  • Struggles to put your time for your emotional, iman, mental, and physical well-being?
  • You want to learn specific strategies and effective ways to address and manage those challenging behaviours like children’s screaming, rudeness, not listening and hurting others.
  • That wants to live a more purposeful life – no longer playing small but courageously taking action (a step at a time) towards the vision of your life and needs help to do this?
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Parenting Motherhood Expert| Educator | Motivation Speaker| Entrepreneur

I have known Khadija for many years…she is very passionate about child development and optimal upbringing of children. Khadija has helped me with managing my children’s emotions and has made it easier for me to deal with the difficult parts of parenting.  I think having someone there to guide you through parenting and give you priceless tips that work makes me feel so much more confident as a mother in dealing with my children. Khadija is also passionate about self-development and given me insights to empower myself.

Aisha Merhi, Mother of 3.

Jazakillah khair dear sister Khadija AL Kaddour . I don’t have words to express my inner joy after talking to you and sharing certain matters that have overwhelmed me, and how you have guided me to develop my positive being. I feel so relaxed as if my Allah has chosen you to help me out.

Shasita, M., Mother of two boys


Focusing on what you’re struggling with and I gently walk you through EMPOWERING your motherhood with clarity, contentment and connection and BUILD your child stronger

Some examples of areas to discuss and coach to work through could include

  • Motherhood inner and outer conflicts.
  • Anger trigger and tantrums management.

  • Struggles with boys

  • Emotional response and balance.

  • Building resilience and wellness

  • You or children concerns and worries.

  • Communication and listening issues.

  • Self-care and self-love strategies. Because When you love yourself so deeply that you assess, respect and nourish your emotional, physical and spiritual needs and feel more content in life.

  • Negative Inner beliefs/values/habits that effecting parenting to the feeling of purpose and value.

  • Healthy boundaries and routines.

  • Strengthen and nurture iman in your child. And explore where do you stand before Allah? Your relationship with Allah is the backbone to the way you experience this life.

  • Address challenges, struggles and worries to create an effective plan

  • Parenting as a Divorce single Mother or step-Mother

Trust and embrace what comes up. Speak your truth. Tap into the frustration and struggles to embrace and trust what comes up and work towards clarity, calmness, strength and empowerment your motherhood and parenting.

Want clarity on what could be best for you?

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As a married Mother living in a blending cross-cultural family, and have extensive life experience as a Step-parent, and in the past, as a Single divorced Mother, one-on-one parent coaching with Khadija will provide you with the empowering strategies and support for the most important work any of us will ever have-empowering our children, homes and selves in the pursuit of Allahswt pleasure.

Khadija supports Muslimah Mothers in the following ways:


  • Mentoring through the journey of self-discovery to your authentic self in the process of validating, understanding, embracing and healing You first. 
  • Reclaiming one’s resilient inner emotionally healthy self, creating a thriving home for raising our children.
  • Empowering by reclaiming their self-worth, letting go of the “never good enough” narrative and living to their true self, striving instead of surviving!
  • Building a tawakul mindset with a heart connection to Allah SWT.
  • Teaching how to instil healthy boundaries through self-love, self-worth and love of Allah.
  • Unlearning certain messages and conditioning from childhood and previous relationships to believe in yourself, feel more content, wholehearted, and complete.
  • By focusing on investing in their own healing, growth, learning and power of thinking first to show up differently and become the mother, woman, believer you need to be for yourself with self-compassion. 
  • Becoming consciously aware of your emotional state and triggers to be response instead of reacting
  • Digging deeper into an awakening of your triggers, painful patterns to rebirth to our new chapter. Perception taking to create a different lens on how you see yourself and the world around you.
  • To discover the strategies and knowledge to raise emotionally-connected, responsible, resilient, compassion Muslim boys.
  • Becoming a mother that parents from a place of confident, purpose, worthy of love and belonging and living your true life! 
  • Creating a deeper understanding of how our early relationships impact our current relationship dynamics – it’s about breaking the cycle and building secure, emotionally healthy relationships.
  • Equipping you to different types of abuse and toxic behaviour so you never allow anyone to use you as their emotional punching bag!

When will you get to take care of you?

“I felt stuck, scared and very overwhelmed by my parenting and the session helped me in a time in my life that was extremely difficult. It was great to talk to a wise sister who doesn’t judge me and who is very understanding especially about being a single mother! She helped me to put self-care as a focus and to feel less distress and create clear simple goals I could work on step by step. I felt relief after the first session. Thankyou Khadija, I appreciate your support!”

A. AbuBaker, mother of two boys.

So i began coaching with Khadija a few months ago and i can honestly say it’s the best personal investment I’ve made. Within these few months I’ve not only seen my mindset change but my parenting abilities shifting for the better. Khadija is so easy to talk to and incredibly insightful, made me feel comfortable from day one. Anyone thinking about coaching would definitely recommend it especially with Khadija

Natasha Youssef

This couching journey with sister Khadija Alkadour was an amazing journey
A journey of growth and mindfulness alhamdulliah

On a personal level I learnt a lot and so much in my perspective has changed alhamdulliah
So many common things had become so foreign for me due to the lifestyle and expectations of this life however I am now building a more stronger foundation on this knowledge and becoming a more aware person and a more responsible mother alhamdulliah

Masiha Rahi

Alhamdulillah, it has been a great benefit for me to invest in this coaching with Khadija. It has not only helped me as a mother, but in my everyday life as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone as a life investment in personal growth. Masha’ Allah.

Neyah Slamang

Motherhood Laser Focus Consultation 60 mins. 


Priced at $250 AUS for 60 minutes, ($190 AUS for a limited time), the focus is on assisting you to clarity and direction. These sessions are powerful. Contact enquire for a 6 to 12 session, 3 months to the 6-month container.

Email awakennthrivemotherhoodexpert@gmail.com 

 Dedicated to supporting busy Muslim Mothers (like you!) who are seeking to live a more authentic life empowered to parent with knowledge, guidance, and purposeful conscious parenting. 

Motherhood group coaching (minimum commitment and conditions)

Package one-on-one coaching and group monthly package are also available. Drop me a line to empower your parenting struggles from frustration, overwhelm, confusion and emotion breakdowns to clarity, confidence, calmer results.  Gentle accountability to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and personalized goal setting plan, vision and proven strategies to get you there.

Group Coaching is an opportunity for like-minded Muslim Mothers of boys to come together around the experience of being a mother — and every joy and challenge that comes with the job. Participants receive nourishing connection with other Moms, clarity on the life they truly crave and deserve, and priceless support and accountability in getting there.


All the sessions take place over Skype or Zoom – thus accessible all over the world. It’s free and easily downloadable on phone or desktop use.
Cancellations need to be made 12 hours before scheduled sessions. Sessions can be rescheduled BEFORE 12 hours.
The first step is to book in a free 30 min coaching consultation using the form below. In this session, we’ll look at what you’ll like to achieve through coaching and whether I’ll be the most appropriate coach for you.

I attempt to accommodate your schedule as much as possible, even if that means early morning or late evening appointments. If you don’t see a time that works for you, send me an email and we can discuss alternative arrangements at info@muslimahmotherhoodcircle.com

Motherhood Coaching is a professional relationship focused on helping you become the Mother you want to be for your children and to focus on your struggles that act as a barrier from being your empowered, confident, authentic, content beautiful self. The areas we will focus on will be in your hands.
 My role is to provide encouragement, education, support, and empowerment as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques in your home and with yourself. While my background as a parenting facilitator and my continuing education in the field of positive parenting and self-development provide me with an expertise in this area, you are the expert on your child. We will work as a team to find the plan, goals and solutions that work for you and your family to build our boys up to be compassion, resilient, role model responsible men.

Approximately 24 hours before our scheduled meeting time, you will receive an email with a link to our online meeting via zoom or skype or phone if you prefer. You will click on this link when it’s time for our appointment.

Once we’re both online, we will spend a few minutes talking about the coaching process and getting to know one another. You can ask any questions or get clarification at this time. Then, we will discuss your current challenges and struggles, as well as hopes and goals for the future.
Meetings last 1 hour. At the end of the meeting, we will schedule a follow-up session at a time that is convenient for you. You will also receive an email summary covering the suggestions and recommendations we authentic, content beautiful self. The areas we will focus on will be in your hands.
My role is to provide encouragement, education, support, and empowerment as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques in your home and with yourself. While my background as a parenting facilitator and my continuing education in the field of positive parenting and self-development provide me with an expertise in this area, you are the expert on your child. We will work as a team to find the plan, goals and solutions that work for you and your family to build our boys up to be compassion, resilient, role model responsible men.
Assalamulikum   I’m Khadija al-Kaddour.
 Thanks for checking out these Muslimah motherhood Coaching FAQ’s. If you’re not quite ready to set up a coaching session, make sure you’re on my newsletter list so you can get helpful parenting posts right to your inbox.
I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns before you make an appointment. Use my calender to request a 30 mins motherhood breakthrough conversation.  There is no obligation to begin services.
Join my private Muslimah motherhood Circle  Facebook group for additional support, encouragement, knowledge and free videos. This group is about empowering our Muslimah Motherhood so we can feel less overwhelmed with struggles and live a more authentic life empowered to parent with knowledge, guidance and purposeful intent to raise the next generation of responsible, resilient, compassion men and empowered, confident, strong self-esteem woman inshaAllah Ameen♡