To all Muslim Mothers with BOYS who want to live a moreauthentic, calmer life and be empowered to parent confidently with knowledge, guidance and purposeful intent.

You’re in the right place!

Do you want to Raise Responsible Men?

It’s time to understand and create a deeper awareness in how we raise our boys, experience a compassionate approach to support parenting boys to become responsible, compassionate, connected, resilient Men in pursuit of Allah swt pleasure.

But how exactly do you do that with patience and leadership when facing challenging behaviour, angry outburst, tantrum, not listening, conflicts, silent treatment and more?

In this free ebook, and emails to come, I’ll walk you through 5 eye opening ways that creates transforming, positive changesin how we parent, empower and raise our boys of all ages.

  1. Create healthy boundaries and understand anger to stop tantrums, whining, impulsive behaviour, conflicts and angry outburst.
  2. The damaging mindset you must avoid to enable your son with healthy self-esteem and self-worth.
  3. #1 mindset mistake “Boys don’t cry”. You raise strong, emotionally connected men by encouraging boys that it is ok to cry! How to raise your sons to be emotionally intelligent, balanced and calmer.
  4. Build and empower your parenting with confidence to affect positive change with purposeful, easy, calm strategies.
  5. Create optimal upbringing of children with values embodied in Islam and child psychology.

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