Redesign How You Approach Motherhood

Go on the journey of
building you &
Be a calm, present and healed Mum your children deserve

Do you find yourself continuously disconnected & pressured?

Are you upset and pissed off with those you supposed to love the most?

Be calm, present and healed Mum your children deserve.

Redesign how you Approach your parenting

Go on the journey of building yourself and showing up as a calm and connected mother so you can stop hurting your child

What other mothers like you said:

This is for Muslim who wants to know …

How to drop fear

How to deal with the past traumas

How to come out of insecurities

How to come out of projection

How to deal with assumptions

How to become confident and connected

How to get rid of self-hatred

How to break family behaviour pattern

How to get rid of self-blaming

How to not overwhelmed by responsibilities

Break dysfunctional family patterns to CREATE HEALTHY, LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIP.

understand How to help your children with their emotions.

Create healthy boundries to stop trantrums, whining, impulsive

behaviour, conflicts and angry outbursts.

No more wanting to scream and be upset on your children?

Get Rid Of The Hot Mess You Are In So You Can Change

The Way You React To Your Children.

This is definitely for you if …

You want to learn specific strategies and effective ways to address and manage challenging behaviours like children’s screaming, rudeness, not listening and hurting others.

You want to heal childhood wounds or pattern from your past.

You want to become more patient and present mom.

You want to get kids to listen without yelling at them.

Let’s Go of the Guilt

that stands in the way of becoming the mother you want to be and achieving your goals.

How Does It Works?

Inside this Thriving Muslim Child and Mum 7 week program, you will learn how to

Stop being triggered and dysfunctional and have direction.

Take ownership and control of your life and break the cycle of negativity.

Access to a private telegram community that enables you to feel supported and heard

Live support that gives you incredible insights and breakthroughs to become a more connected mother.

6 x 90 mins live teaching masterclass and Q and A to answer your questions plus recordings to listen too.

Step-by-step methods that help you navigate your child’s behaviour, so you no longer feel lost and stuck

+ Bonus

Access to all previous masterclasses (Breaking the Cycle to a thriving you and Energy and time management )

Value $550

6X Weekly Growth Workbook that allows for more clarity and on behaviour and thoughts

Value $69

Self love meditation that instantly makes you feel liberated and worthy

Value $79

Digital World Bundle that shows how to set age-appropriate limits on technology and further recommendations

Value $79

Total Value $1603

Starting from 22nd April 2024

Become more consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings and interactions with others so you are not triggered and are more calm and confident

Feel connected and proud of showing up better in all areas of your life, including motherhood.

Support your children, their development, and their mental and emotional well-being.

Repair and Rebuild Relationship with yourself.

What Mothers like you says

I am Khadija Al- Kaddour

My unwavering commitment to empowering Muslim mothers and women has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. With my extensive experience and dedicated coaching, mentoring, and advocacy.

I have guided Muslim mothers on a transformative path, helping them break free from dysfunctional family behaviour patterns, the transition from surviving to thriving, and rediscover their true, authentic selves.

My transformative work enables women to tap into their limitless potential, foster loving relationships within their families, and experience a profound sense of self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth.

At the age of 13, I witnessed a near-death experience of a loved one, which left a profound impact on me. This pivotal moment ignited me calling and vision to see Muslim children grow up in emotionally healthy, happy, holistic, and abuse-free homes. This life-altering event set me on a path dedicated to studying attachment relationships, conscious parenting, and the importance of emotional well-being for children. For the past 10 years, I have passionately committed myself to promoting healthy relationships, healing from the past, and personal growth.

As a mother of five boys from 4 to 23 years old, I understands first-hand the challenges and joys of motherhood. Raising the next generation of Muslim men is one of the greatest legacies we can leave as women and I am a prime example of someone who is totally invested in helping my community to do so to the highest of their ability.

 My personal experiences with a strong academic background and complementing qualifications, including a degree as a Child Development Specialist and certifications as an NLP coach and Back To The Fitrah mentor, I brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. I founded Muslimah Motherhood Circle in 2014, facilitating workshops both face-to-face and online, dedicated to empowering and supporting thriving Muslim mothers and women.

Module taught inside the 7 week journey with support to answer questions

  • Module 01: Optimal child development and screen time for every age 0 to 16 years.
  • Module 02: Strengthening Connection: Deepening Your Relationship with Your Child or Teen. Emotional Coaching for a Happy and Healthy Child.
  • Module 03: Managing Triggers: Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety, Anger, Upset and their Tantrums.
  • Module 04: Building Secure Attachment: Raising a Child with Emotional Security.
  • Module 05: Cultivating Resilience in Your Child: Building a Growth Mindset and powerful mind.
  • Module 06: Inner Calm for Mothers: Strategies to Cultivate Peaceful Relationships
  • Module 07: Setting Limits and Improving Communication for Parenting Children and Teens