Reclaim the Journey of Self-regulation and Self-discovery

A Two and Half hour masterclass

Evolve a homecoming for the heart, is an immersive 2.5 hour live experience of tawakual and self love journey. Reconnect yourself to your journey of meeting your full potential of showing up, with inner child healing nurtured through self-empowering breath work, drenched in a deeper understanding of self- discovery in key areas.

‘Reclaim the Inner Journey of Self-Regulation  & Self-Discovery’

A powerful masterclass to take action

“Evolve: A Homecoming For the Heart”, is an immersive 2.5 hour live experience of tawwakul and self-love journey. Reconnect yourself to your journey of meeting your full potential of being with inner child healing, nurtured through self-empowering breath work, drenched in a deeper understanding of self-discovery.


Becoming an active observer of your emotions and thought patterns. is the inner journey to cultivate self-regulation and acknowledgment of emotions, mindfulness of your emotional state, and what you need, is probably one of the most powerful ingredients of parenting and relationship connection. The way you’re raised, your childhood wounds and unexpressed negative emotions can largely impact and affect every aspect of your life including our perceptions of the world, unconscious choices, self-limiting beliefs, relationships, the birthing process and people who we are attracted to. That is until you become consciously aware and change the narrative and heal the wounds.

An invitation to you, a soulful, Muslim woman.  


You’re in the right place if you:

  • Wish to explore the tool of unlearning and relearning how to regulate yourself.
  • Want to gain knowledge about unlearning painful patterns that no longer serve you, such as people-pleasing and giving up your needs and rights in social interactions.
  • Are looking for an integrative way of exploring and
  • Reclaiming yourself via self-healing + self-love.
  • Learning to take your power back – USING YOUR PAST PAIN to lead, guide, and inspire yourself to step into the real you.
  • Building your resilience practically.
  • Want to listen, connect, and move from the inner wisdom of your intuition and tawwakul.
  • Want to connect with other soulful sisters showing up for themselves and shifting to their purpose.
  • Walk away renewed!

What Other Said:

Assalamu alaikum Khadija,

I woke up this morning and I was still a bit emotional, Subhanallah. I feel like yesterday’s class opened a massive can of worms for me. I have been writing since I woke up. I made dua that this class would be help and be life changing – and it was such a beautiful class. I feel like it could have been 3 workshops in itself, or a whole day even. 2.5 hours flew by and as always you delivered so much quality content. I’m emotional thinking about it.

May Allah reward you for your work and taking the time to share with others who need it. Ameen! Keep shining your light my dear sis.

Assalamualaykum Khadija…

I just wanted to reach out after the class because it really felt like a huge emotional release.

After doing this class I heard my inner child crying out for me to stop being stuck in that victim mentality – she reminded me that I am OK and I am safe. She told me that I need to show up in life and break the cycle of playing small… I am thinking of her (inshaAllah) everyday from now on, I owe it to her to live my most authentic self.

I was also able to identify my triggers and given practical tools that I can use in my life. InshaAllah my goal is to be more emotionally regulated, acknowledge all my feelings and show up more authentically….

You don’t realise you have all these internal battles until you take a coaching workshop or session and you begin to unpack. Subahanallah the release that comes from doing inner work is so rewarding. I am only at the start of my journey and will keep going inshaAllah

SubhanAllah last night was such an incredible experience.. I left my body, I travelled through time and dimensions, places and things and I accessed an unknown area in life that I never knew existed… to the little girl within me! I travelled out to go deep within, truely Allah gives us miracles within ourselves

Hi, I am Khadija Al-Kaddour

An educated, well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable, holistic, degree-qualified parenting expert. She has discovered her purpose as an Awaken and Thrive Motherhood Coach.

I help Muslim women and mothers:

  • Awaken to reclaim themselves empower their mindset and emotional self
  • Cultivate their self love and purpose as an act of worship Feel confident in their conscious parenting journey
  • Rediscover you-knowingly yourself takes your power back to show up in the life

I am passionate about you rediscovering YOU and reclaiming your relationships, thriving. I have taken hundreds of women on this journey to see themselves differently, capable, with limitless potential, and the shifts have made them more confident, reclaim their worth, and live to their true self, striving instead of surviving. I am truely dedicated to your healing, growth, learning and supporting you to become the mother, woman, believer you need to be for yourself.



15 pages Reflection growth booklet of powerful resources and questions to keep you on track in your immersion experience.

Khadija’s from surviving to thriving Motherhood: Creating a private sanctuary despite struggles recording valued at $79 AUD

Everything you need for the self healer