• Developing self acceptance and build a secure self to have secure relationships masterclass.
  • Deconstructing the narratives, messages, stories, beliefs, labels, wounds that don’t serve you anymore.
  • How to gain inner fulfillment in building your well-being and connection.

There are steps involved in the inner work to show up as the mother your children deserve.

Reclaiming your place, living to your true self authentically and being there safe place.

  • Here your learn the key aspect of building a secure self to let go of the emotional baggage that gets in the way of building thriving, secure relationships Plus FREE download  e-workbook to help you understand & move past the obstacles that prevent you from understanding that you are good enough exactly as you are.
Hi, I am Khadija Al-Kaddour Degree qualified Motherhood Expert

Alhamdulillah, I have taken women on this journey to reclaim your resilient inner emotionally healthy self, the shifts that have made them more confident, increased their self worthiness, and living to their true selves, thriving instead of surviving.

have helped over 800+ women over the last 5 years to discover the strategies and knowledge to raise emotionally connected, resilient, compassionate Muslim kids.

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