Create a barakah, Joyful,

productive life in flow.

This is just the beginning of your transformation

  • Do You always feel you do not have enough time or time is running out?
  • Are you all over the place with your time and busy even with a to-do list and planning?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to juggle everything?

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Distracted,& Scattered.

Redesign How You Approach YOUR LIFE,

Create a quality time as busy Muslim Women

Energy and time management infused with barakah masterclass.

it’s 1.5 hours long and jam packed with value on how to manage your life, time and energy to show up as the women you want to become.

Join this Special Master Class Today and Learn How to

Manage your tiredness, exhaustion and overwhelm so you feel energized, organized and can focus.
Get clarity of your blockages so you are no longer stuck, get rid of  unstuck, procrastination and demotivation.
Understand what you need to come back  and stay on track to get shit done instead without being stuck or overwhelmed.
Reduce stress so you know your  plan ahead step by step (not a to do list)
The  3 most important factors to  prioritize your task and building your productivity that is aligned and intentional.

How to create your successful morning routine that will be the fuel, at the beginning of the day, for a successful  productive day.

Create more barakah and satisfaction  in your time and energy with this proven strategies.
Be that high achiever without overdoing and burnt out.


  • Decision making rewiring to empower your mind to make decisions confidently and trust yourself. Worth $97
  • Growth reflection booklet to do afterwards and with key points and access to recording to watch again and again. Worth $39

I Want To Be In

You welcome and understand now that it was never a question of how worthy you are, but how courageous you are to step into the life you want and need.

Make this Ramadan different. If you don’t have time to do this masterclass than you know you need it to redesign your time. You are not a victim to your life.



I made dua that this class would be help and be life-changing – and it was such a beautiful class. As always you delivered so much quality content. I’m emotional thinking about it

“Healing is within your reach, with the right guide. I kept lamenting the fact that I only found Khadija and this program now but she reminded me everything comes from Allah and this is when it was meant for me. So if you’re on the fence and not sure if this is the right time for you, just remember Allah has put this opportunity in front of you for a reason”



“ Thank you to Khadija for showing me that despite of trauma I can parent differently and can be a mother that can show up for my children. My only regret was not working with her earlier. I have 4 kids, and I see can literally see the difference coaching has made”

About Me

I am Khadija Al- Kaddour

I empower Muslim Mothers to break family behaviour patterns, come from surviving to thriving, rediscover their true selves, uplevel and experience loving relationships within their family. Haven’t done the inner work and had the insights involved in healing painful, past patterns that are the barriers from living an authentic life and has helped nearly 800 women to do that over the last six years through a journey of self-discovery, reclaiming their soul’s purpose, finding their limitless potential, innate self-confidence, self-love and self-worth. This shift from within has resulted in happier homes where children are thriving,

Alhumdu Lillah.

Learn what has helped me to have a thriving business and be present with my family as a busy mother of 5 boys and overcome burnout and exhaustion.

Get Your Self Enrolled in this energy and time management infused with barakah masterclass.