Create Safe, Supportive & Joyful Relationships.

Breaking the cycle to
a thriving you!
Move on after trauma or
dysfunctional upbringing.

You Know What Is Huge, Epic & Incredibly Powerful.

Breaking a cycle, A Habit & A Pattern.

Choosing To be led from repeating being a  victim and martyr to stepping into the confident, respected, woman you are.

Imagine for a moment…

  • How would you show up in relationships if you were no longer hiding who you are to try to earn love?
  • How would you feel if you were no longer listening to the messages and narratives and labels others have said about you?
  • How warm, how joyful, how safe could relationships be when you walk into them as your truest self – without focusing on the pain you’ve been through?
  • How incredible could connection feel when you are resourced and expanding your capacity to be your truest self?
  • What would life look like if you were able to show up in relationships with authenticity and integrity instead of walking on eggshells or constantly questioning if you’re good enough?

There is one aspect of this process that could be made easier.

 We often do the work of breaking the cycle all on our own, without any real support or guidance. 

You are not a victim to your past. You will, however, always see yourself as one (and continue to repeat it) until makes some step by step changes.

Think About it

But then it comes to breaking the cycles and patterns of behaviour that are negative to you and others and transforming how you show up in relationships and it’s like… you’re just supposed to know how to do that, on your own, overnight??

This makes absolutely no sense.



YOU need belonging, emotional support, compassion, connection and openness to fully develop a sense of self. Investing in your soul and what you need to look after your mental and emotional health is the best gift you can give yourself.


It transforms you.

It’s the best investment, it’s called YOU.

So sis, if you are ready for some support with the process of breaking the cycle, I would LOVE to see you at the 2 hour masterclass

Actionable steps that will support your healing & growth!

you are always ONE THOUGHT and ONE CHOICE away from creating

a different reality and definition of who you truly are.

Breaking the Cycle to a thriving you! -> Seven key actionable steps that

will support your healing and growth!

2 Hour Masterclass Recording


1 -> Free Rewiring session to help rewire your self-worth and love blueprint so you can go out there and have positive relationships

2 -> 50% discount for my next monthly powerful masterclass or The Surviving to Thriving Muslim Mother membership first month!!!

3 -> Recording will be available


What Can I Expect?

Learn the four key areas that will build a healthy relationship and self after past childhood trauma or dysfunctional relationship so that you can be more confident, and calmer and know what steps to take ahead.
You will walk out of this masterclass with more clarity as to how to show up for YOU, and direct steps you can take to begin or continue the process of creating supportive and healthy relationships so you can be happier and feel fulfilled and live a present life on purpose.
You will learn how to communicate your feelings, needs, and desires, how to trust yourself and open up enough to let deserving others earn your trust, how to discern between what is a red flag and what is a trigger, and how our attachment styles can cause us to perpetuate traumatic dynamics.

Who Is This a Good Fit for?

The Masterclass is For

Muslim women and/or mothers who have experienced childhood abuse, betrayal, bullying or harshness and who are noticing they are reacting in relationships.

Muslim women and/or mother who are noticing issues in their relationships leading to feeling self-blame, trust, miscommunication and/or violation of boundaries, and are curious  how to show up differently and with

Muslim women and/or mother want to know how to have safe and healthy relationships after a traumatic past or hard past experience that is still affecting you today so you can have less conflict and reactions

Muslim women and/or mother want to how to drop * Fear *Past traumas *Insecurities *Disconnect *Self hate *Blame *Projections *Assumptions *Victim mentally

The is the journey, encouraging you to take imperfect steps EVERY single day knowing they’ll learn invaluable lessons as they go and pass to your children and grandchildren inshaAllah different patterns of behavior.  I totally believe growth can be both natural and enjoyable.

About Me

I am Khadija Al- Kaddour

I empower Muslim Mothers to break family behaviour patterns, come from surviving to thriving, rediscover their true selves, uplevel and experience loving relationships within their family. Haven’t done the inner work and had the insights involved in healing painful, past patterns that are the barriers from living an authentic life and has helped nearly 800 women to do that over the last six years through a journey of self-discovery, reclaiming their soul’s purpose, finding their limitless potential, innate self-confidence, self-love and self-worth. This shift from within has resulted in happier homes where children are thriving,

Alhumdu Lillah.

  • Now as a female who has been on the healing and on a growth journey as a cycle breaker for ten years walking the talk and thriving!So that is what I’m committed to bringing you as an educated, well-trained, experienced knowledgeable holistic degree-qualified parenting.
  • Mentor in different modalities that support inner trauma healing.  I have helped 100s and 100s of Muslim mothers and Muslim sisters in the soul work awaken to reclaim themselves, empower their mindset + emotional self, cultivate their self-love + purpose as an act of worship and feel confident in their conscious parenting journey.

I help women see themselves differently, capable with limitless potential, and rediscover YOU!